Making a mess in my Manchester-based Studio

Making a mess in my Manchester-based Studio


HELLO from paper hawk

Hi, I'm Laura, the face behind Paper Hawk.

Paper Hawk was born of my desire to create paper collage illustrations full of character, charm and life - that weren't 'perfect', but who's imperfections were what made them interesting. 

I've been a graphic designer for the majority of my working life, after graduating from Falmouth College of Arts back in 2005, and over the last few years have been more and more drawn to illustration. After a recent move from London up to Manchester, I began experimenting with using paper as my 'paint', and discovered a passion I never knew existed.

My aim with Paper Hawk is to make engaging, interesting and unique bespoke illustrations that bring a brief to life. I use papers salvaged from magazines, newspapers, recycling bins, empty paper packaging, donations from friends and colleagues - I'll take anything! I love to think that I'm giving new life to something that would otherwise be thrown out, and it's fun to find new materials to use within my work. I also create some of the papers myself by painting with watercolours or inks and then tearing these up too.

If you have a project or brief that you think we could work together on, I would love to hear from you. Thanks again and I hope you enjoy the site.

PH x